UDEO Newsletter

The Utah Dance Education Organization (UDEO) newsletter titled The Movement, is an annual publication that connects our members by providing information on upcoming events, innovations in dance education, exciting curriculum ideas and new trends in the field of dance education.

View past newsletters on this page and view the past articles written by Jon Scoville on music and dance here  past articles


Spring 2012 (0.9MB) NEW!
Spring 2011 (1.9MB)
Spring 2010 (2.2MB)
Spring 2009 (1.4MB)
Spring 2008 (1.3MB)
Spring 2007 (1.1MB)
Spring 2006 (2.6MB)
Spring 2005 (0.8MB) (11X17)
Spring 2002 (0.2MB)
Fall 2011 (1.1MB)
Fall 2010 (2.2MB)
Fall 2009 (2.08MB)
Fall 2008 (1.3MB)
Fall 2007 (1.3MB)
Fall 2006 (2.6MB)
Fall 2005 (2.1MB)
Fall 2004 (1.9MB) (11X17)
Fall 2003 (2MB) (11X17)
Fall 2002 (0.3MB) (11X17)

We know how much you serve your community.
Let us serve you.

We are a group of volunteers committed to celebrating, educating, and advocating for dance as an art form that enhances life for anyone and everyone. We hope you’ll join us!