Scoville Series

The Scoville Series is a series of articles by Jon Scoville about music for dancers. Past articles include:

  • Working with an Accompanist
  • Working with a Composer
  • A Basic World Music Library
  • Music in the Classroom
  • What is on your ipod (music resource list)
  • To Comply ... or Not To Comply (music copyrights)
  • How to make your own felt-tipped Mallets
  • Ask Jon

    Do you have a question that only a musician can answer? Do you need recommendations for music to use in your studio or performance? Now is your chance to ask Jon Scoville. Submit your questions to, and after Jon answers them we will print them in a future newsletter.

    About Jon

    Jon Scoville Jon Scoville is a composer, author and musician. An Associate Professor/Lecturer at the University of Utah, Professor Scoville teaches music resources for dance, rhythmic analysis, percussion accompaniment, aesthetics, and choreography. He has toured internationally as co-artistic director of Tandy Beal & Company, and is the author of sound designs. Professor Scoville is a prolific composer for dance, including scores for the faculty as well as choreographers Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis, Laura Dean, and Sara Rudner, among others.





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