UDEO Sponsored Events

UDEO Fall Conference

Join professionals in dance from across the state for this full day of professional development held annually each fall.

All State Dance Ensemble

A full concert for NHSDA students
with a Professional Artist 
Taylorsville High School
Taylorsville, Utah

Jr. High Day of Dance

A full day of dance instruction for jr high students
with Repertory Dance Theatre each February 
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah High School Dance Festival

Workshops, classes, adjudication & performances for high school students held annually in Feb. or March.
Friday Night Scholarship Audition
Saturday Festival & Gala Performance

UDEO Partner Events

daCi Utah Day of Dance

Building community through intergenerational dancing.
Tanner Dance Studio
University of Utah

Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival

Choreography Festival
March 1 & 2, 2024, 7:00pm

Perry's Egyptian Theatre
Ogden, Utah

Utah Dance Festival

Non-competitive dance festival for studios.
March 9, 2024
Creative Arts Academy
Bountiful, Utah

We know how much you serve your community. Let us serve you.

We are a group of volunteers committed to celebrating, educating, and advocating for dance as an art form that enhances life for anyone and everyone. We hope you’ll join us!