Why can’t I submit a professional piece?

Our thinking about changing this rule was to give the students the best opportunity to learn from the experience. When adjudicating professional pieces, the focus is primarily on the performance and dancer connection to the choreography, as the choreographer is not present. On a normal year, we understand that this is a time where schools like to gather to show their best so we have always allowed professional pieces. This year with the virtual format and no gala event, we as a board felt that the students would be better served getting detailed feedback on student choreography.

What are the filming parameters?

The UDEO board has had many conversations about filming parameters. We are aware that some schools have access to a professional videographer, while some teams might only be able to film a single wide-shot in whatever space is available.

Because of this, we have decided that any film will be accepted with the caveat that adjudicators will only focus on the content of the dance not the quality of the technology used. This will be communicated to all adjudicators.

Please make sure that whatever format you choose to use in filming allows adjudicators to focus on content- a really blurry video will not allow them to do so.

How do I submit my video/s?

Please upload video to Vimeo or Google Drive and provide us with the link through registration.

What is happening during the senior session? When is it? Where is it? How much does it cost?

The senior session will be held from 7:45-8:45 a.m. on March 6. The senior session will be held via Zoom and will not cost extra for your dancers

Are there still going to be t-shirts?

Yes! Make sure your order is placed (within the registration form) by February 20th. Congratulations to Lillian Francom from Hunter High School for winning the t-shirt design contest!


What happens if my team can’t get together on March 6?

This is a real possibility for teams as many schools enter shutdown because of Covid. Hopefully, as "test to play" is happening at more and more schools- our teams are able to gather regularly without the interference of quarantines. However, if your team is not able to meet on March 6- a recording of the festival will be provided to all teams that register for UHSDF. This way if you can’t gather on March 6, you are still able to participate in the two masterclasses and the awards session.

Is there going to be a gala?

No. At least not in the traditional sense of how we have done the gala. The day of the festival we will post links for teams and coaches to access. These links will show videos that have been chosen for Judges Choice Awards. These will be available for viewing directly after the festival. You may also chose to show these during classroom time.

How will we be receiving feedback on our pieces?

You will be receiving feedback on your pieces the morning of March 6. Feedback will be verbal recordings that our professional adjudicators will provide. Just as always- there will be three adjudicators per session/dance. By providing these to you the day of the festival, it is our hope that you are able to integrate personal feedback and adjudication into your unique festival experience.

I understand that there may be some additional questions. I would like to invite you to participate in a Zoom session so that you can ask any questions and receive prompt answers.

I will be holding a session on February 11 from 3:00-3:30 p.m. and February 16 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Please feel free to drop in, ask your questions, and then continue on with your day.  https://graniteschools-org.zoom.us/j/87573768211?pwd=K2RJazIvTFpvOUh0a05mUXJ4WXREZz09