UDEO Board of Directors - President-Elect

Amanda Sowerby (2016-2017)

Karen Jensen (MA, MEd) is an Adjunct Professor of Dance at Brigham Young University. Her dance training began as a young child with BYU Young Dancemakers where she cultivated her love of movement exploration and the creative process. She has taught a variety of university course topics including contemporary technique, introduction to dance, dance education, dance and film and previously was the Artistic Director of Kinnect, an elementary school dance outreach program. Karen has taught dance for grades K-12 in the public and private sectors and in Ghana and Taiwan. Her research interests include; online learning, dance and film, project based collaborative arts learning and international education. She is a doctoral candidate at Texas Tech University in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education.



UDEO Presidents

Sara Lee Gibb (2000-2002)
Abby Fiat (2002-2004)
Marilyn Berrett (2004-2006)
Doris Trujillo (2006-2008)
Nichole Ortega (2008-2010)
Cally Flox (2010-2012)
Sean Guymon (2012-2014)
Pamela S. Musil (2014-2015)
Amanda Sowerby (2015-2017)