One of the UDEO's primary goals is to strengthen the state voice and vision for dance and advocate for dance education in the arts. The four primary activities UDEO uses to accomplish this goal:

Develop and strengthen networks at the state level with national and state agencies, arts and education associations, businesses, corporations and philanthropic foundations.
Advocate for dance education for the arts and dance education research.

Strengthen communication and dissemination of information among the teaching arts workforce in dance education in the arts.

Encourage and support local, state, and national policies and legislation which advance dance as arts education.

As an advocate for dance and dance arts education, UDEO seeks to influence policy and resource allocation decisions within the state government. Along with liaisons and partnering organizations, UDEO participates in setting the state agenda for arts education, defining the significant issues, developing strategic plans, lobbying lawmakers, and drafting legislation and policy recommendations.


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Current Initiatives 

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We are a group of volunteers committed to celebrating, educating, and advocating for dance as an art form that enhances life for anyone and everyone. We hope you’ll join us!